These amazing locals got together and developed their village


This very little village in Romania has become famous because of the way they manage their town.

The village only has 150 residents but they are all hard working. The villagers have formed an association and they organize events, they help people in need and they invest in their little village.

The Limba village is part of Ciugud commune which has become also famous in the country due to the fact that it has the highest rate of absorbtion of European funds.

The village football team

So what did the residents do to become famous? They have managed to urbanize the village. This means they have fixed all their roads, they have proper pavements, all houses have electricity, gas, running water and sewage systems.

The villagers have formed an association called Limbenii and thanks to the association they have managed to do many things, such as fixing the church spire. All residents donate money every month to the association which fixes things around the village.

Celebrating The Sons of the Village day

Thanks to European money the villagers have fixed their roads. The association also helps to pay for medicine for the eldderly who can’t afford. Also they have managed to send their children in summer camps. They have also created a hero monument, they have built their own Cultural House, they have digged trenches for the introduction of water and gas in the village and they have fixed together the church steps.

The residents get together in a monthly meeting and decide what needs to be fixed in the village. Then, they organise themselves. Some do the work, others bring food and others give accomodation to workers.

Celebrating the Borbolatita tradition

One succesful project was building a bridge. They have managed to do it in only one day with 21 people.

The village residents have also started to organize fun events, such as fishing competition, new year’s eve party, celebrating birthdays, Christmas caroling.

source: adevarul

photo source: Asociatia Limbenii







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