This young man is the youngest Master degree holder in the world


A young boy from Sibiu has become the youngest person ever to receive the distinction of Haute Ecole d’Ingenieurs.

Petru Rogojan has started studying web design when he was only 10 years old. He attended the Swiss Webacademy. Although the child was rejected at first due to the fact that he was too young, the school has accepted him after they the boy convinced them. The school acepted him on the condition that he will gave up school if he finds it too hard to manage.

Petru Rogojan has attented the courses together with adults. He has managed to get a certificat of 30 ECTS credits from the Swiss academy Haute Ecole d’Ingenieurs. As well, after only one year the child has become one of the best webdesigners in his group after creating a website for the Children’s Palace in Sibiu.

Paul has thus become one of the youngest certificate holders of Haute Ecole d’Ingenieurs. The boy continued his web studies and he started programming in PhP. The course he finished is equivalent with a Master Degree.







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