Good news for worried parents: Free 24 hours medical consultation service set up for children

A free medical consultation service by phone was set up for parents in Romania. The service is available for all parents who do are not able to call their child’s doctor and they do not want to wait in the emergency room.

If parents are not sure about vaccinations, fever and dehydration they can call this service. The agents who answer are medical doctors who are able to advise mothers and fathers on the best treatment for their child.

The phone number is *1791. If you call, do not forget to put the * sign as otherwise the call does not work. The service called Peditel was set up first in Cluj in 2014 but now it is available for all cities accross the country. The centre is also planing in the autumn to help Romanians that live outside the country.

The centre functions thanks to donations from companies and parents. Cristina Grigore, the director of the Parents Foundation in Romania stated that the doctors on the phone are not able to give diagnosis, but they are able to offer medical advise so parents can make the best choice.

Since the service was set up over 65,000 children were helped. Doctors spent almost 7,000 hours on the phone and 73% of the cases were solved at home.

In regards to the queries, many parents have called asking about vaccines and dehydratation.




The service is also available at night, so parents can call any time.

to donate to this charity go to this website






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