Avram Iancu breaks a record and swims across the Danube

Avram Iancu has finished his swimming marathon across the Danube. Thus he has become the first man who has swam accross the river from the spring to the river mouth without any help.

Avram has swam 2,860 kilometres and he has finished his marathon in Sulina where he was welcomed by the locals. The sports minister and Olympic champion Ivan Patzaichin also congratulated him for his achievement and for promoting a positive image of Romania.

Avram Iancu works as a librarian in Petrosani and has decided to undertake this marathon after reading a novel by Jules Verne,entitled the Danube Pilot.

Avram Iancu started his swimming marathon on June 20 in Donaueschingen, Germany and has swum 50 kilometres a day withou special gear.

The swimmer has had several successed in the past. For example, he was the first Romanian to ever cross the Channel on August 30, 2016 without wearing neopren suit. He did it in 17 hours and 54 minutes and swam 62 kilometres.

Before Avram Iancu two other individuals have swam across the Danube: Martin Strei, from Slovenia who swam 58 days while wearing a neopren suit and Mimi Huges in 90 days, also wearing a neopren suit.









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