New law to allow village locals to transform their kitchen in a restaurant

Starting next year, village residents will be able to invite tourists to dinner. A new law allows people to register their kitchens as local gastronomy points.

This means tourists will be able to enjoy authentic traditional meals.

There are many villages that do not have restaurants and tourists do not have a place to eat. One place like this is Fundata in Brasov, a place which atracts thousands of tourists every year. However, there is no restraurant in the area and tourists are sometimes looking for locals that can offer a meal.

This new lay will solve many problems for tourists and will bring some money to the local economy. In order to be authorized the village locals have to register their business at the Chamber of Comerce and they also have to connect their kitchen to a water network.


The law will also require that all ingredients used in cooking to be local and people who will be involved in cooking will have to be tested by doctors.




source- protv

source photo- lizadanciu






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