Organized tours and a special path now set up in Vacaresti National Park


The Vacaresti natural park now has officially an official special path for visitors. The path comprises of seven thematic zones and it is 2,5 km long.

The park now has many boards with information on what visitors can see: birds, reptiles, mamals and landscape.

The access to the path starts from Splaiul Unirii 168. Visitors can go explore on their own, however there are also guided tours for groups which are organized by the association members. The tour taeks 1,30 hours and whoever is interested in the course can write an email to

It is important to know that fishing and barbecuing is forbidden in the park.

This urban park has been visited this year by 2,000 people and schools have started organizing special trips here. The park is not only a place of relaxation but it is also a good educational resource. The association that cares for the park has educated all visitors to the park to respect animals and care for them. They have also let people know that snakes that can be found around the city of Bucharest are not dangerous and they should not be afraid of them.











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