Romanian professor awarded by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers

Adrian Bejan, a Romanian mechanics engineer professor at Duke university has won the Ralph Coats Roe Medal 2017.

The award was given by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers. The award recognizes the extrordinary contribution of the professor to a better understanding of the role of the engineer in a contemporary society. According to the Society, mr Bejan has contributed to the public appreciation of the role of engineering in society thanks to his achievements in education and science.

Adrian Bejan stated that engineering is essential in the development of an advanced society and that without engineering there is no civilization.


Adrian Bejan was born in Galati, has studied at MIT and is an honorary member of the Romanian Academy. He has written two specialty books called “Design in Nature” and ” The Physics of Life”. The professor is a Doctor Honoris Cause at 15 universities and has published around 500 scientific papers. He will receive his award on November 5th in Florida.










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