Romanian Spa Association votes the best spa towns in the country

The Romanian Spa Association has created a top of the best spa towns in Romania. The association has voted Techirghiol as the best spa town.

Techirghiol lake spa which has been accounted in documents since 1854, has a special type of mud which has a high concentration of mineral salts which are highly therapeutic. The mud’s complex composition is due to the fauna and flora of the lake. The mud is used in the treatment of many diseases such as rheumatism affections, back problems, arthritis, psoriasis, skin problems, diabetes.


The second place in the top was occupied by Tusnad spa town which is also rich in mineral waters. The third place was occupied by Govora Spa. The top continues with Calimanesti- Caciulata, Covasna, Felix spa, Sovata, Turda, Singiorz Bai and Borsec.

The last on the list was voted the Salty lake and Ocna Sugatag.









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