Local community celebrates 930 year old oak tree

The oldest oak tree in Romania with an age of 930 years old was celebrated on September 23 by the local community. The oak tree, also called ” The Old man of the Carpathians” was celebrated in Mercheasa village.

The celebrations included a running marathon, a traditional market fair, a workshop and a nature documentary show. The marathon comprises of 32 kilometres at 600 metres altitude and the trail was organized between Mercheasa village and the Racos geologic complex. 250 runners have participated this year. There were plenty to do at the event, as there was a painting competition, archery competition, kinetotherapeutic massage, old music show- people played by flutes, harp and alphorn.

The Carpaterra association was the one that celebrated the Day Of The Oak Tree 2017. The association pointed out that there are protected areas around the Mercheasa village, such as the secular oak and the Homoroade Hills which should be known by tourists and locals.

According to brasovultau.ro the village of 400 people is quite isolated, being 70 km away from the main capital of the county and it has no train station nor daily bus routes. The village thus kept a lot of its traditions which now atract a lot of tourists. The oak trea measures 9,3 metres in circumference, 21,3 metres in height. Nearby this tree there is another oak tree that is over 500 years old.

source: brasovultau.ro







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