Alexandra Marcu conquers the highest peak in Ecuador

Alexandra Marcu, a Romanian climber has climbed tthe Chimborazo peak (6,268 metres), the highest mountain in Ecuador.

The climber had a very difficult trek and the temperature was quite low. Alexandra Marcu saidt was

It was an extremely difficult climb, with hours of climbing on a very steep slope and extremely low temperatures, but I did it!

The Romanian climber was born in Deva and she has so far climbed the top six highest volcanoes in the world. In 2015 she has managed to climb the Ojos del Salado, which is 6,893 high. This is the highest volcano in the world and Alexandra, at age 17 was the third woman in the world to succesfully climb it. Alexandra is also the youngest European to have climbed the Pico de Orizaba vlocano in Mexico.



source: romania insider






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