Couple asks wedding guests to donate to dog shelters instead of bringing flowers

A couple from Sfantu Gheorghe town has asked their guests to bring dog food instead of flowers. It might seem a joke but the couple actually wanted to help dog  rescue centers.

Thanks to the couple 170 kilograms of doog food wad donated to two dog rescue centers in Covasna.


Jean Constantin Ciuntu and Christina Borbely have celebrated their wedding on September 22 at the Sfantu Gheorghe city hall. Before they had their wedding day, they sent wedding invitations with the message

 Do not come with flowers, but bring anything you can to donate to a dog rescue center: food and anything else.


Their friends and relatives therefore did not spend their money on flowers but they went to pet shops to buy dog food. 170 kilograms of food went to two dog shelters. One of the dog shelters is located in Campu Frumos and has 155 dogs in care.

The couple said they loved dogs since they were children and so they thought of doing a charitable act on their wedding day. They were very happy that the wedding guests respected their wishes. They said that flowers are beautiful but they will die and then they will be thrown out, while dog food will help innocent souls.

The bride said that the Romanian community needs to help more these rescue centers and they wanted to set an example on their wedding day.

The two Romanians live in London, however they celebrated their wedding in Romania. They both do charity work in London as well. The bride is voluneering in a NGO that protects lions and the groom volunteers at an association that helps children in Africa.













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