Romania wins gold and silver at the Invictus Archery games


The Romanian archery team formed of Ionut Butoi, Dorin Petrut and Nicusor-Augustin pegulescu have won the gold medal in the archery finals at the Invictus Games in Toronto.

As well, Ionut Butoi has also won the silver medal in the archery competition. Ionut Butoi has been wounded in Afghanistan due to an explosive. His spine was fractured and he has been paralized since then. He has also developed diabetes due to stress. Nicusor-Augustin pegulescu was wounded in 2009 in Afganistan and he lost his left leg. He has been training for the competition in the canoe category and archery. Dorin petru was wounded in 2007 in Irak and he has a metal rod in his leg.

15 Romanians participate this year in the Toronto games in six categories: archery, atheltics, kanoe, weighlifting, cycling and swimming.









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