Tens of doctors from Timisoara perform surgery together to save girl’s life

Several doctors from Timisoara have managed to save the life of a little girl. Tens of doctors and nurses from three hospitals have worked together as a team and have performed for the first time a new method of surgery.

The patient was only 11 years old and she had a malformation on the face. She underwent surgery in the Maxilo-Facial surgery clinic where doctors have managed to stop a haemorrhage temporarily. However, due to the haemorrhage the doctors needed to do a new complex intervention. Therefore, they had to put the child in a coma and to transport her to the Louis Turcanu hospital in Timisoara. Here a special team of doctors and nurses have performed the surgery. The surgery took six hours and the doctors have managed to save the girl’s life.



source: opiniatimisoarei.ro








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