Firefighters save children and mother trapped in crashed car in Deva town

Two children and their mother were saved by firefighters from an overturned car. The car ended up in a deep precipe in Deva town.

The firefighters were called to help in a car accidents that happened nearby the town of Deva. They have taken a special extrication car and an emergency car was also called. The firefighters found the car in a 10 metres precipe. Inside there were two children and their mother. One of the children, of 10 years of age was stuck in the car together with the mother upside down while the 6 month old baby was stuck in a baby chair.


The firefighters took the children and the mother out and according to Transilvania News they were not harmed at all. According to the firefighters the car  tumbled down several times during the accident, but thanks to the children and mom wearing seatbelts nobody got harmed.










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