Bogdan Dumitrache wins Best Actor Award at San Sebastian movie festival

Bogdan Dumitrache has won the Best Actor award at the San Sebastian International Film Festival. Dumitrache has won the prize for playing a role in the movie Pororoca, directed by Constantin Popescu.

The movie focuses on the story of a child that goes missing on a Sunday morning while out with the family. The movie stars Iulia Lumanare, Stefan Raus, Costin Dogioiu and Adela Marghidan.

Bogdan Dumitrache has won several awards such as the Leopard prize for Best Actor at the 2011 Locarno International Film Festival and Best Actor in a Supporting Role at the GOPO awards. The actor has starred in prestigious Romanian movies such as The Child’s Pose, The Death of Mr Lazarescu, How I spent the End of the World and Best Intentions.


source: romania-insider







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