Romanian beauty crowned as Miss Global Charity Queen

Eliza Ancau from Cluj has won the first place at the Miss Global Charity Queen 2017 in Taiwan. Eliza has competed with 80 girls from around the world.

The competition took place at the Four Points Sheraton Hotel in Magong city. The competition was sponsored by the government of Penghu County and it was organized in order to promote the tourism in the area. Miss Ancau will become an official ambassador for the world congress for a whole year.

Eliza Ancau is a model at the Euromodels agency in Cluj-Napoca and has won previously the Miss Global Beauty Queen competition in Seoul, South Korea and in 2015 the Miss Supranational title in Romania.


Eliza Ancau has worked as a guide in Venice, she has worked in promotions, in television and has been in many fashion shows.

These are the competition winners:
Winner👑: Miss Romania
1st Runner-up: Miss Mexico
2nd Runner-up : Miss France
3th Runner-up: Miss Italy
4th Runner-up: Miss Argentina







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