Romanian community organizes ball night in German town

130 people have got together to hold a Romanian ball dance evening in Regensburg, Germany. The event was organized by Marianne Streit, a Romanian lady who has been living in Germany for over 4- years.

The event had a special guest- Ionica Mois who sang popular music.

According to, Andrei Andronache one of the guests said that what matters is to be together and to feel like at home. The gathering brought together Romanians from Regensburg area and Munchen. Andronache stated that folklore and Romanian traditions should not be forgoten and that it matters a lot for people that have left Romania for a few years to meet and feel like at home.

As well the event was well organized and it gave guests the chance to recharge their batteries. Marianne Streit, the organizer of the event has been organizing events for six years for Romanians. She rents places, books music bands and sends invitations. She said she has been doing this because she loves Romanians and she is always happy when they meet each other. She says that every time she hears someone talking in Romanian on the street she stops and she makes conversation. She has also taught her children and grandchilren the Romanian language, although all of them were born and rew up in Germany.

She noted that many Romanians in the community help each other, although those that have been living a while in Germany tend to not communicate with the ones that have recently moved there.








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