Romanian girl praised by British media due to her amazing results in school

A Romanian student in the United Kingdom has impressed their British teachers. The girl was even praised in the media due to her results in education.

Ana Diaconu has surprised her teachers from Darwen school. She has had to undergo several exams and she has had he best results in class. Her results were praised in the local media. The Lancashire Telegraph stated:

ONE teenager, who spoke almost no English two years ago, is celebrating after picking up her results from Darwen Aldridge Enterprise Studio.

Ana Diaconu, 16, joined the school in 2015 having just moved to the UK from Romania.

In two years she has become fluent in the language and achieved eight GCSEs including Grade 4s in maths and English and an A* in graphic design and photography.



Ana is currently studying Creative and digital media at college and she hopes to study architecure at the university.

The girl just moved 2 years ago to the UK. When she moved she did not speak English at all. She said it took her 2 months to understand what the teachers talked about. She said that this was the hardest period and afterwards life became easier and she loved school.





source: adevarul







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