See photos of Miss Romania through the years- from 1928 to 2017

Romanian girls are quite famous for their beauty. Miss Romania competitions have been organized since 1928. When the competitions started to be organized the rules were very strict. Only unmarried girls were allowed. They had to have a good reputation and to not wear revealing clothes or corsets.

  1. 1928- Marioara Ganesco

2.1929- Magda Demetrescu

The 1929 Miss Romania winner was Magda Demetrescu. She went on to win the 6th place at the Miss Universe competition in the USA, where she was awarded a watch and 100 dollars.


2. 1930- Mariana Mirica



Mariana Mirica did not only win Miss Romania but also Miss Europe. She was praised by the French media who considered her the most beautiful woman in the world.


3. 1931- Erastia Peretz



She won Miss Romania when she was only 17 years old. Unfortunately, she did not get to compete in the Miss Universe competition as there were some paperwork problems that prevented her to go.

4. 1979- Matilda Pascal Cojocarita

After the 1930’s in Romania no Miss competitions were organized due to the war and then due to the Communist era. In 1979 one competition was organized, however, it was named” Work, Youth, Beauty”, but everyone considered it miss Romania. The winner was Matilda Pascal Cojocarita.


The competitions restarted in 1991. The first winner was

5. 1991- Daniela Nane


6. 1992- Corina Corduneanu


7. 1993- Angelica Nicoara


8.1994- Roberta Anastase


9. 1995- Monica Grosu



10. 1996- Beatrice Vornicu

11. 1997- Diana Urdaneanu


12. 1998- Iuliana Elena Verdes


13. 1999- Nicoleta Luciu



14. 2000- Alexandra Cosmoiu

No photo was found of Alexandra Cosmoiu


15. 2001- Vanda Petre


16.2002- Cleopatra Popescu

17. 2003-  Patricia Chifor


18. 2004- Adina Maria Cotuna


19.2005- Raluca Voina


20. 2006- Ioana Valentina Boitor


21. 2007- Elena Roxana Azoitei


22. 2008- Ruxandra Popa


23. 2009- Isabella Burlacu


24. 2010- Smaranda Alecu


25. 2011- Alexandra Tunaru


26. 2012 -Delia Monica Duca


27. 2013- Roxana Oana Andrei


28. 2014 -Diana Dinu


29. 2015- Natalia Onet


30. 2016 -Ioana Filimon


31. Miss 2017- Teodora Dan







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