International festival dedicated to young Romanian talents to take place in Italy

The PROPATRIA international festival dedicated to young Romanian talents will take place in Rome from 12-21 October.

Those interested should know that the events are free and they will be showcased in different locations around Rome, Italy. The event is organized by the ProPatria Romanian-Italian Cultural Association together with the Romanian embassy in Italy and the Accademia di Romania’la Roma.

These associations have been promoting Romanian culture in Italy and they are an important tool in the cultural integration. The festival also aims to promote Romania’s image abroad and to promote Romanian young talents. The festival includes events such as an anniversary Lipatti 100 concert performed by Romanian pianist Mara Dobrescu, a documentary about the Danube Delta created by the Romanian Press Agency will also be shown on October 12. On 20 October award winning 17-year-old pianist Valeria Cristea Nechita is a featured guest for the piano concerts. The closing Gala will have many international young guests from Romania, Italy, Moldavia, France, Belgium, Germany, Spain and Netherland.










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