Romanian teenager praised by Italian newspaper

Romanian girl Giorgia Enache was recently praised by Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera. The 17-year-old girl is currently studying at the Lucrezio Caro linguistic highschool. She was noticed during her internship at the Luiss private university. This is because she has good results in school, she speaks 5 languages ( Italian, Romanian, French, English, and Spanish) but she lives alone with her brother.

This is because she has good results in school and she speaks 5 languages. The newspaper noted that although she is successful in school, her personal life suffers. She lives alone with her brother because her mother had to go back to work to Romania and her father died. Her brother who is 25 years old works all day. This means she has to take care of the house and also prepare food.

She noted that her father died due to a stomach tumor and since then her family broke as her mother had to leave to Romania to find work. She says it was a difficult time but she has no choice and life goes on. She does not want to go back to Romania as she now feels that her life and home is in Italy.

Despite this drama, the girl is optimistic, energetic and active. The newspaper noted that the girl is beautiful on the inside and on the outside.

The girl attended her internship at the Luiss university because she was sent by the Lucrezio Caro highschool. In an interview with the newspaper, Georgia said she wants to become a lawyer and she has a passion for law.










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