Romanian woman and her organisation awarded Grand Prize at the Panter Gala in Berlin

Alina Iordan and his organization called Arbeitsunrecht Deutschland have been awarded the Grand Prize within the TAZ Panter gala in Berlin. The awards were given by Tageszeitung, a German newspaper. The newspaper gives awards to people that fight for other people’s rights, to everyday heroes.

Each year the newspaper gives away 2 Panter awards. The winner for one award is chosen by judges formed of the Newspaper editors and the other one is chosen by the public. The prizes are worth 5,000 euros. This year Alina Iordan has won the grand judge prize.

Alina was born in Constanta and has been living in Karlsruhe, Germany for 7 years.  She said that in Romania she worked at a factory for 8 years, however, she was worried all the time that the factory will be closed. This is why she chose to move to Germany to be able to care for her girls.


When she came to Germany she found a new unknown system. She decided to help immigrants and became a certified mediator for immigrants and created the Etnomedizinische Institut. She mediates immigrants in relation to the health institute. Now she organizes seminars on health themes. She said she had to fight against preconceived ideas against Romanians and she wanted to prove that Romanians do want to integrate into the German society.









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