Save the Children Romania donated medical equipment to 32 maternity wards across Romania in 2017

Save The Children organization has helped 32 towns and cities with medical equipment worth 700,000 euros in 2017. In the six years since the organization activates in the country, they have managed to save maternity wards across the country possibly saving the lives of many premature born children.

The infant mortality has decreased from 10,1 in 2010 to 7,3 in 2016. According to Romania Pozitiva website, the maternities and neonatology sections suffer from lack of medical devices. For this reason the Save the Children association will continue to reduce infant mortality with medical devices.

Research shows that in 1990 there were 8,471 infant deaths and these have decreased to 1,859 deaths in 2011, to 1,493 deaths in 2015 and 1,386 deaths in 2016.

Around the world, in 2013 almost one million children have died due to being prematurely born. In Romania every year around 20,000 children are born prematurely, which is around 10-12% of births.

Gabriela Alexandrescu, the president of Save The Children Romania said that the organization has helped 77 maternities and they have donated 380 types of equipment worth 3 million euros in 6 years. These equipment have saved 31,000 premature babies. According to the organization, 13% of maternity wards in Romania do not have any kind of standard incubator for premature babies, 56% do not have an air supply for babies and 14% do not have a reanimation table.











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