Volunteers give flowers to 6,500 retired people on International Day of Older Persons

Volunteers from 28 counties have brought a smile to retired people’s faces by bringing them flowers and greeting cards.  Over 6,500 retired people have benefited from a week of entertainment and activities to celebrate the International Day of Older Persons.

Thus 50 national organizations together with private companies and volunteers have offered flowers and greeting cards between September 28- October 3rd. The volunteers have given flowers to people in retirement homes, in coffee shops and restaurants, in day centers, parks, public areas and personal homes.

In Bucharest, 30 students from the Gheorghe Lazar National College have given flowers to 300 retired people in the Cismigiu park. On the International Day of Older Persons volunteers have also organized a festive dinner for 60 retired people.

Beatrice Culda, the director of the Never Lonely- Friends of the Elderly stated that she was impressed by this year’s campaign as many people have volunteered and she has seen even 7-year-old children helping, students and even older people.

According to research by the Margareta Princcipess Foundation, around 1,500,000 retired people in Romania suffer from loneliness.



source: stiri.ong








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