Romanian cyclist Denis Vulcan becomes Spain’s number one cyclist for under 23 category

He is only 18 and yet he has managed to be number one in Spain. Denis Vulcan is now number one in the Individual Rank of the Spanish Cyclism Federation for the under 23 category.

Denis Vulcan was born in Arad, Romania and has been living in Albatera, Alicante province since 2002. The Spanish website has interviewed the cyclist and has found that both his parents are Romanian and his family has moved to Spain because they wanted to have a better life. Denis was only 3 years old when they moved to Spain. For the last few years, he has been competing in different cycling competitions and he is part of the Cartagena-Esetec team.



Besides cycling, Denis is currently focusing on his studies and he wishes to study physiotherapy. When asked about his performance as a cyclist he recognized that he does not have that energy to help him finish a competition. Being humble he recognizes that he has been doing ok, however, he wishes to specialize in cycling so he can participate in different types of competitions. His favorite cyclists are Adriano Malori, Rigoberto U, an and Tom Dumoulin.


When asked about his opinion on being number one in Spain for the under 23 category, he stated

I am very glad to be in this RFEC ranking, however I do not think there is such thing as the best junior in Spain. There is a group with the same level, within which I am part of, but sometimes we need to take into account that we are not always in the same shape.


Denis is now hoping to participate and win the famous Tour De France in the future.










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