Woman from Netherlands walks 2,000 km for stray dogs in Romania

A woman from Netherlands is walking for 2,000 km with the purpose of bringing to attention the issue of stray dogs in Romania.

Monique Dubbeldam is a former policewoman and in her long walk she has taken along with her two dogs that she adopted from Romania.


The woman has left Utrecht, Netherlands on August 26 and she believes that her march might help in improving the problem of the stray dogs in Romania. According to Agerpres, the woman was quite impressed with the dogs living on the streets of Romania and she wants to ask authorities to get more involved in this issue. Her march focuses on raising money to be donated to associations that sterilize dogs.

She believes that a sterilization campaign would reduce the number of stray dogs. Monique will travel through Netherlands, Germany, Czech Republik, Slovakia, Austria, Hungary, and Romania. She will collaborate with several associations that are involved in protecting stray animals and are involved in sterilization campaigns.

You can follow her trip on her Facebook page- Walk For Dogs 2017.



source: Romania insider







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