Italian woman writes novel about Romanian immigrants in Italy

An Italian woman has written a novel about Romanian immigrants in Italy. The book is called Gli angeli del bar di fronte and it describes a world in which new immigrants, the Romanians, mix with the local population, the Italian ones.

Elena Genero Santoro, the writer is an Italian woman who lives in Torino and is currently working in the car industry, although she has written several novels, since she was 14- “Perche me nesono inamorata ( Why I fell in love), L’occasione di un avita ( The chance of a lifetime), Un errore di gioventu ( A youth mistake).

The novel focuses on the story of two women, Clara an Italian woman and Paula, a Romanian woman. They have different destinies, but their lives are quite similar at the same time. They are both fighting for the man they love. The writer has managed to create detailed portraits of the characters and the way the story is told makes the reader feel like they are participating with every fiber of their being.

It is said that the novel has managed to represent how Romanian immigrants feel in a foreign country such as Italy and how Italians view the newcomers.









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