Romania to obtain EU protection for several traditional products

Romania might obtain a protection certification at European level for another 14 traditional products. Some of these are the Plescoi sausages, Deltaica pike roe salad, and Vaideeni cheese.

According to ProTV there are thousands of traditional foods that are protected at European level but Romania so far has only managed to protect four. Although Romania does have many traditional foods, the authorities did not work enough on protecting them.

Pro TV has stated that the pike roe salad is an unusual product as it has pike roe, sunflower oil, mineral water and lemon juice. The salad has 29% pike roe and its recipe dates from the 19th century.

Th Vaideeni cheese is produced in Vaideeni, which is one of the most well known locations where sheepherders produce this cheese from local sheep who live at an altitude of 1,500 meters. In Vaideeni 17 locals have organized themselves in a cooperative and they are hoping to obtain European protection.

Another traditional product that might receive protection is a traditional ice cream which is made on a surface of ice and salt after a 70-year-old receipt.



source: protv






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