Romanian actress nominated at the Coigney International Theatre Awards in the US

Mihaela Dragan, a Romanian actress has been nominated at the Coigney International Theatre Awards. The Awards are granted by the League of Professional Theater Women.

The awards will be held on October 23 at the Martin E. Segal Theatre Center in New York. Another 20 foreign actresses are nominated in this category. These are Abir Aly (Egypt) , Lina Attel (Jordan), Jalila Baccar (Tunisia), Sarah Berger (England), Patricia Benecke (Germany), Sabina Berman (Mexico),  Kate Cherry (Australia), Drenia Frederick (St. Lucia), Elena Gremina (Russia), Brigitte Helbling (Switzerland), Natalia Kaliada (Belarus), Carmina Narro (Mexico), Julia Pascal (England), Marwa Radwan Mohamed (Egypt), Jesusa Rodriguez (Mexico), Adelheid Roosen (The Netherlands), Nan Van Houte (The Netherlands), Ilire Vinca (Kosovo), and Linda Wise (France).

The award was created to acknowledge theater women and its purpose is to make a difference in the career of the international women artists.




source: romania insider







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