Romanian rock legends organize charity concert to raise money for hospitals affected by storm in Timisoara

Romanian rock legends Phoenix, Pro Musica and Cargo have organized a charity concert to help hospitals in Timisoara that were affected by the storm in September.

Timisoara was highly affected by a strong storm which destroyed many buildings and has claimed 2 lives.

Ilie Stepan, the Pro Musica leader has thought about organizing the concert immediately after the storm. He said he called fast Nicu Covaci and Adi Barar and already the second day after the storm they have called different young and old music bands from Timisoara to help.

Three weeks after the storm the rock bands have organized the concert and have raised money and for the hospitals that were affected by the storm in Padurea Verde. Nicu Covaci, the Phoenix leader said that they didn’t want the concert to be just a symbolic gesture but to help people. Several music bands participated in the charity concert: Skywalkers, All Friends Band, Vest, Sonatic, Within the Nova, Rock Abil, Melting Dice, JazzyBIT, Implant Pentru Refuz, Survolaj, Bega Blues Band, Cargo, Pro Musica and Phoenix.










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