The first nuclear medicine centre in Romania to be opened in Bucharest

The first integrated center of nuclear medicine in Romania will be opened in Bucharest in 2018. The center will be located at the Carol Vavila Military Hospital in Bucharest.

The purpose of the center will be to detect cancer and cardiovascular diseases.

The centre will also have a Single Photon Emission Compputed Tomography and a Positron Emission Tomography, which are common imaging modalities in a nuclear medicine. Compared to SPECT, which is a 3D tomographic technique which uses gamma camera data for projections, PET utilizes coincidence detection to image functional processes. These are devices which work based on radioactive isotopes which detect cancer and also cardiovascular disease. Florentina Ionita Radu, the commander of the Military Hospital said

When the center becomes operational, it will be the first such center in a public hospital addressing large audiences.






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