The story of two Italian men who fell in love with the Romanian community in Italy


Italy is a favorite holiday place among most people. But did you know that Romania is a popular destination amongst some Italians? Recently, a Romanian newspaper has reported on the story of two Italian men who fell in love with Romania.


The Italian who created a Romanian-Italian television network

According to Ziarul de Vrancea, two Italian men have been caring for years for the Romanian community in Italy. One of them, Emanuele Latagliata, has visited Romania for the first time in 2009 as a journalist. Later, in 2013 he has set up the first Romanian diaspora television. It was basically a Romanian-Italian television network for the Romanian audience. The reasons for setting up the television network was because he loved Romania and he wanted to create a strong bridge between Romanian and Italian people living in Italy and also between Romanians in Romania. He came up with this idea after having a conversation with an Italian man in an airplane. The man has visited all Romania but he fell in love with Sibiu and Calafat.

Now his television network called Romit TV often has Romanian guests that are proud representatives of the Romanian diaspora and he organizes many cultural and educational TV shows with a focus on the Romanian community.

Ziarul de Vrancea noted that the Italian man often wears traditional Romanian clothes at Romanian celebrations which he organizes. He often is also involved in charitable events, such as raising money for a sick child from Focsani.

So far he has organized over 50 events and his greatest achievement was to organize an event that had Gheorghe Zamfir as a guest. As well, Latagliata was also invited to many other events held in Romania.


The beloved lawyer of the community

Another Italian man who cares about the Romanian community in Italy is Giancarlo Germani. He works as a lawyer and he is well known by the Romanian community. He visited Romania for the first time in 1997 and since then he has come every summer to Buzau. Now he speaks Romanian quite well. He even loves to say that he is a Romanian.

Celebrating the publishing of his book “Bandanti Romene-ambasciatrici d’amore”

When he was asked why he loves Romania he said that his child is half Romanian and because Romania is his native country, of course, he loves Romania.

Germani has set up a radio station together with his wife Mihaela. Because he knows the country’s laws quite well he uses this platform to inform Romanians and he also works towards creating a bridge between the Romanian and Italian community. The radio is called Colors Radio. Meanwhile, Giancarlo Germani has also written a book together with Alexandra Cristina Grigorescu about Romanian women working in Italy. The book was used as a base for a documentary made by TVR.


Lately, Giancarlo has also been involved in many charitable events such as raising money for sick children from Romania.









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