Romanian workers and local people stop robbery in London

Two Romanian men along with local people have stopped a robbery right in the middle of London. According to a video showed by Pro TV, six men tried to break the window of a store to steal jewelry and watches.

Evening Standard reports that the nearby restaurant workers went out of the restaurant as they were fearing for their lives. Several local people together with two Romanian construction workers stopped the robbers and tied one of them up with cables. Unfortunately, the other robbers escaped and run.

The police came and arrested the man and continued their chase with several helicopters.

Pro TV reports that a Romanian man witnessed the whole scene and caught it on film. He said that ” A small Romanian man caught him (the robber) form the back and tripped him. At that moment another, taller Romanian, of a 1,90 meters height came and tied his hands with some cables. After only two minutes the police came, and then the helicopters which continued their search for the other robbers”.

According to Evening Standard, this is the second time this gang struck in the area. They have attacked with sledgehammers in the middle of the day (11.20 a.m.)





sources: Pro tv

Evening standard






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