The Romanian army invents the bullet proof vest for women

The Romanian army has launched a new invention: the bulletproof vest for women. This model was created especially with women’s physique in mind.

The defense ministry has said that this new vest will be distributed to 3,500 women from the Romanian Army. Researcher Claudiu Lazaroaie stated that the vest has special cups for women’s chest and that the old vests were not suitable for them. However, now women soldiers will be able to benefit from a better protection.

He stated that the main issue with the old traditional vests was that women could never find a proper size. However, this new invention will allow women to move their arms better, it will have more space in the bust area and it will be tight at the waist. The vests made for men were much too large.


The vests will cost 10-15 percent more than the men ones, due to the complex way of sewing.

The first ever bulletproof vest was invented in 1561 during the time of Maximillian the second, the leader of the Roman empire. Now, there are different types of vests and they are getting thinner and thinner but also more resistant.



 source: greatnews
photo by: Ministry of Internal affairs







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