This Romanian child is considered an IT genius

A Romanian boy is considered a genius in the IT field. Not only this young boy has demonstrated that is highly intelligent but he has also invented several things.

Mircea Palade is currently 13 years old and he has surprised many people in Romania. This year he has won the gold medal at the National IT Olympiad. But more than that, he has invented the piano with spoons and the musical bench. His parents say that he has shown signs that he is a special boy since he was only one year old as he was already learning the letters of the alphabet.

When he was two he was already playing on the computer and in the fourth grade he was learning C++. He says he got into IT when he started the fourth grade and when he found about C++ he started to learn it by himself and then went to some classes. IT engineer Viorel Spanu says that he has started several projects in robotics for his clients and the boy has finalized them.

At school, often Mircea is helping professors and he is aiding students who have problems with understanding IT issues. According to Digi TV when Mircea went on a trip to Europe he has visited a museum together with his parents and he wondered why in a museum people can touch and play with some of the exhibits but in Romania, you are not allowed. Since then, they have created the Little Town of Knowledge, which is a unique place in Romania where children and adults can play with inventions and can participate in experiments.


At the moment Mircea is planning to study to MIT in the US and to create his own IT company.







source: digitv







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