Romanian psychologists invent an app that cures depression

A group of psychologists from Cluj-Napoca are working on finalizing a smartphone app that will help people that suffer from depression and anxiety.

According to in Romania officially around 5% of people suffer from depression, however, doctors believe the numbers are higher than this.  It is said as well that people do not like to talk about mental issues in our country. Moreover, psychotherapy is unusual and quite ignored at a rural level, where 40% of the population lives. It is also considered that going to the psychologist is a tabu subject and that people will laugh at you and some consider it a trivial matter.

The psychologists from the Babes-Bolyai psychotherapy clinic have considered these factors when creating the app. They have thought about a system through which the app identifies certain states of mind that lead to depression. The app will help the user take certain steps to overcome depression. For example, the user can take evaluations and undertake tasks that have been approved by psychotherapists.

The app, which has been developed since 2013 is called BineDispus (In a good mood) and right now it is undergoing testing. The idea for this app came during a research on 400 people who were tested online and on the phone. The psychologists that developed this app are Oana Cobeanu, Cristian Mogoase and Vlad Muresan.

The user can create an anonymous account and he will be contacted at certain times by a psychologist who will monitor him or her. It is important to mention though that the app will be useful for light or moderate depression states and not for serious ones. If the evaluation of the app indicates a severe depression the user will be advised to contact a psychotherapist.







source- viitorulromaniei






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