Alba Iulia- the first smart city in Romania: free wifi, cheaper electricity and water for locals

Alba Iulia is becoming a smart city. So far, the city has managed to finish the first part of the project. Around Alba Iulia city 600 sensors have been installed and they constitute the digital infrastructure of the city.

The WIFI network included 228 access points in the citadel and the city and 15 points of access in the transport network.  After one year after the Wi-Fi hotspots have been functioning 8% of the population has accessed the service. The network is covering the whole city and it also connects to 150 sensors of light and water. The sensors are also helping the council to monitor the traffic in the city. The locals can also communicate directly to the council through a smartphone app called Civic Alert. So far the council has also organized several surveys in which 4300 people have participated.

The city also has another smartphone app called e-alba iulia which offers information about the city’s tourist spots and local businesses. The council has also granted free wifi to two high schools in the city and over 120 teachers and 1500 students are benefiting from it.

Moreover, the city also has air quality sensors in all the 15 buses and locals can find out where in the city they can enjoy the cleanest air. Thanks to a new management of public illumination, the council has now saved 50%-70% energy. Now, the city plans to create a similar system for the water network.



photo: visitalbaiulia





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