Top 20 amazing Romanian palaces and castles that you’ve never heard of


When visiting Romania, most tourists go to either Bucharest, the seaside or they visit several castles throughout Transylvania. The usual tourist hotposts are: Peles castle, Sighisoara, Sibiu and Brasov.  The most well-known castles and palaces in Romania by Romanians and foreign tourists are Peles castle, Hunedoara castle, Iasi castle and Bran castle. But did you know there are far more castles, palaces, and beautiful family residences? Here is a list of castles that you probably didn’t know they exist.

  1. Posada castle


It is located in Comarnic spa town and it was the residence of Bibescu family. Unfortunately, the castle suffered from a fire and it was never again renovated. It is now mainly used to host objects from the Peles castle.


2. Banfi castle

It is located close to Cluj-Napoca and it is one of the largest castles of Transylvania. For the last years Electric castle festival as organized here.

3.  Purgly castle

This castle is located in Sofronea town, Arad county and it was the Purgly family residence. The castle has a park and pools with 30 thermal waters.


4.Pekri Ozd palace

This palace is located in Ozd, Transylvania. The palace was used as a kinder garden, cultural hou, e and a cooperative. It now belongs to a certain lady Maria who inherited it after 1989.


5. Sturdza palace

The palace was built between 1880-1904 by Gheorghe Sturza and his wife. It is located in Miclauseni village and it quite close to Iasi.

6. Ghika palace

The residence of Ghika-Comanesti family was built in 1890 and it is located in Comanesti, Bacau county.


7. Thury Banyai palace

This palace is located in Tamasfalau village in Covasna county. It was built between 1810-1920. It is used now as a cultural house.


8. Bay castle

This castle is located in Treznea village, Salaj county and it was built at the beginning of the 19th century.


9. Jidvei palace

It is located in Cetatea de Balta, Alba county. The castle belongs to the owner of Jidvey winery and often wine tastings are held here.



10. Cantacuzino palace

This beautiful palace is also located in a rather beautiful area- Busteni, in the middle of mountains. The palace was built in 1911 by Gheorghe Cantacuzino, a former Romanian prime minister.


11. Kendeffy palace

The palace is located in Santamaria Orlea, Hunedoara county and it was built by Kendeffy family in 1782. The palace was transformed into a hotel.


12. Tepes castle

The castle is located in Bucharest, close to Carol park. It was built in 1906 originally as a water tower and then it was decided that a small miniature of the Poienari castle be built around it. Poenari castle was built by Vlad Tepes in Cheia Argesului.


13. Salbek castle

Salbek castle is located in Petris village, Arad county and it used to belong to a rich German family. It was built in 1800-1850 and until recent years it functioned as a sanatorium for treating pneumonia affections. In 2009 it was given back to their owners.



14. Goga palace

It is located in Ciucea, Cluj county. It belonged to Romanian poet Octavian Goga and it is currently a museum dedicated to the poet. He is also buried there.


15. Pogany castle


It is located in Paclisa, Hunedoara county. It is only 15 kilometers from Retezat national park and quite close to Hateg. The castle was built in the 19th century. It is ideal for a walk as it has a park, lots of alleys and a small river.


16. Karoly castle

It is located in Carei, Satu Mare county. It was built in 1492 by the Karolyi family. It was now restored and it functions as a museum.


17. Zichy hunting castle

It is located in Gheghie and it was built by a Hungarian rich family. Right now the castle functions as a hospital.


18. Pokol castle

It was built in 1903  and it is located in Borcut valley. It functioned as a school for a long time, however, right now it is a bit run down.


19. Ugron castle, also known as the Calendar castle

It is located in Zau de campie, Mures county and it was built by Baron Istvan Ugron. The castle was built to respect the calendar. It has 365 windows, 4 towers as in four seasons, 52 rooms ( 52 weeks in a year), 7 terraces  ( 7 days in a week) and 12 hallways ( counting the 12 months)


20. Red castle

It is located in Lilieci village, Bacau county. The castle was used as a backdrop for the Dumbrava Minunata movie.




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