Photographer auctions Romanian sports celebrity autographed flag

A Romanian who lives in London has managed to gather together autographs from the most important Romanian sportsmen in the last 20 years on a Romanian flag.

Ciprian Dambean ‘s flag has autographs from people like Gica Hagi and Simona Halep. Although Ciprian has been doing this for 20 years, he has decided to sell the flag to help raise money for a young man who suffers from cancer.

He stated that he loves the flag but the life of a man is way more important than this. According to he stated

I have been living in London for a few years and I am the biggest fan of Romanian sports and I love my country. My favourite colours are the colour of the Romanian flag. I have taken the flag all over the world, no matter where I was. I traveled across the country to all the sports events, gymnastics, football, tennis and other competitions. I have worn around my neck the same old dear flag of mine and this has brought players plenty of luck. I had the honour to receive the autograph of famous sportspeople such as: Simona Halep-tennis, Monica Niculescu- tennis, Andreea Raducanu- gymnastics, Larisa Iordache- gymnastics, Stana Izbasa- gymnastics, Dorinel Munteanu- football, Alin Ivanov- gymnastics, Gica Hagi- football, Marian Dragulescu- gymnastics, Stelian Nistor- rugby and many more.



You can find out more about his project on his facebook page.

source :londonezul.






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