Students from Cluj high schools invent app that waters flowers while you are away

More than 100 students from different high schools in Cluj have presented their inventions at the Babes Economics University.

One of the teams has invented an interesting application through which plants are watered when you go from home. The system has special sensors which collect data from the plant. Depending on the data that is collected, the plant will be watered. The system is monitored by an app which measures the humidity of the plants and allows users to select certain plant species in order for the system or provide a suitable irrigation.

The students believe that the invention can be used on a larger scale, such as in a greenhouse.

Another team has invented a meteorological mobile station. The device is connected to the wifi and collects data from sensors which measures temperature and humidity and then sends the data to a server and then do the app. Thanks to this app, the users can measure the weather in their own location. The students have worked together with IT mentors from different companies from Cluj for 7 months.

The students have also participated in workshops on business, entrepreneurship and soft skills.


source: tvr






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