Young teacher helps the Romanian community in Germany learn the language for free

A young Romanian woman is helping Romanians learn the German language and thus offering them the chance to a better life in Germany.

According to Ioana Moldovan is only 26 years old and she is involved in a great project that helps the immigrant community in Germany. So far she has helped over 300 people, among which a great part are Romanians.

She is originally from Targu Mures and she has graduated from a university in Germany. She speaks several languages such as German, English, Spanish, Italian, and Romanian. When she moved to Germany she was only 19 and she did not speak the language. She has gone to several classes and she has worked in several places until she has managed to go to a university. Then, she was hired to a German school.

She is aware that many Romanians go through a hard time because they do not speak the language and cannot get a better job. Moreover, it is very hard to integrate into the community. She says that there are Romanians who do not get a better job for years because they cannot speak the language. Now, thanks to the project Romanians can attend the courses for free, they also receive books for free and the transported is covered by the school.

Ms Ioana Moldovan not only teaches her students German but she also helps them translate letters, do paperwork and look for a job.









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