Romanian chef part of restaurant team who receives Michelin star

A restaurant from New York where a Romanian works as a chef de cuisine has received a Michelin Star. The Clocktower restaurant has received the star for 2018. The restaurant belongs to Michelin star Jason Atherton and Stephen Starr. The executive pastry chef is Brian Yurko and James Horn is the general manager.

The Romanian chef has 12 years experience throughout European restaurants and has also worked for five years in a Michelin Star Restaurant. In 2012 he was nominated as one of the top 30 chefs in the UK under the age 30.

Atherton said in an interview with The Caterer:

I’m so proud of Danila. Having worked at Pollen Street Social and Petrus prior to that, he’s gone over there and, of course, it’s taken a couple of years to settle down and get use to all the produce. But this year, we knew we were cooking really solid food there, it felt right. Brian Yurko is a pastry chef with a solid background and his desserts are amazing.


Atherton also added that he has restaurants in different countries but to receive a Michelin star for his New York restaurant is quite a big deal.


source: the caterer

photo source: jamesbeard







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