Girls’ choir from Timisoara wins Gold medal at an International music competition in Croatia

The girls’ choir from the Ion Vidu National Art college in Timisoara has won the gold medal at an International competition in Croatia.

The girls’ choir, also called The Swans were supported by the Timisoara city council to travel to this competition. They were accompanied at the competition by the Cantanti children, which is the most successful music band of the festival. The music band has made quite an impression with the judges by singing in six languages.

The children were coached by Maria Gyuris, Mariana Sinmartinean on piano, Suzana Vranceanu coordinated the choreography and Adrian Jivan on acting.

The competition called Istramusica was organized in Porec, Croatia this year. The idea of the festival is to bring together people from different countries and cultures and it is a festival organized by Interkultur, an association who organizes music festivals all over the world.

Source: istramusica








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