An intelligent scooter produced by an Arad startup is among the finalists of a US competition

An intelligent scooter produced in Arad is among the finalists of the LACoMotion competition which takes place in Los Angeles, USA.

The scooter called Project Scooterson is created by a team formed of Mihnea de Vries, Flavius Balak, George Poenaru and Pavel Kiss all from Arad city.


The scooter was made to be used within the city, it has no contact key and it starts by using a smartphone app. As well, the user can control the speed, the traffic and can check out the battery by using the app. The app collects data from the traffic an sends optimised settings for the scooter app. When the scooter is parked, the wheels block and if it is moved it send an alert immediately to the smartphone.

The scooter can reach 25 kilometers per hour and has an autonomy of 50 kilometers. It takes 3 hours for the battery to charge. A part of the scooter is made in Romania in a private factory, the scooter will be produced in Singapore. The owners of the Scooterson did not want to produce it in China, due to the fact that they wanted their product to be included in a premium category.

The scooter costs around 1990 dollars and customers can choose whatever colors they want.



source: greatnews








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