Daniela Rus, the Romanian woman who is building tomorrow’s robots at MIT


There are many successful Romanians across the world. One of them is Daniela Rus, who is one of the most respected professors at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA.
Daniela Rus is one of the directors of the IT and AI laboratory at MIT and she is hoping that in the future autonomous independent cars will be able to fly and also to perform surgery.
She says that one of her biggest dreams is that one day we will leave in a world with universal cars and integrated universal robots on a regular basis.
The Romanian woman has been interviewed by Technology Review and she has revealed that she is working on a project in which drones will be able to deliver packages and food to people’s homes. As well, Daniela has also demonstrated how small robots can move inside the human body with the purpose of healing internal wounds. She and her team have programmed drones to help automatic cars to detect obstacles, she has also invented new communication techniques and secure ways for multi-agent systems. Her team has also designed a robot hand, a navigation system for blind people and also a special suit that absorbs impact shocks.

Daniela Rus has won a MacArthur scholarship in 2002 and since then she has become famous for her research in the robotics field. She has also won the Science Foundation Career National Award and she is part of the Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence and the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation.

Daniela Rus was born in Romania and her family emigrated to the US. There she has studied IT and mathematics at the Iowa University and she has also graduated from a PhD in IT at Cornell University.



source: technologyreview.com

photos- MIT






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