This American couple found out why Romania is a popular dental tourism destination

Medical tourism is becoming more and more popular and Romania seems to be one of the people’s favorite destinations not only with Europeans but also with Americans.

Recently, an American newspaper called the Inquirer has written a material on this subject. The story focused on an American couple who traveled to Romania to fix their teeth. What they found was that for American patient a dental implant would have cost him 6,000 dollars in the US. The issue, the newspaper states is that in the US dentists do not tell you the price upfront, while in Romania due to the law, dentists are required to have a list of prices advertised in the lobby at least. Apparently, over 150 million Americans do not have dental insurance and many of them go to other countries to fix their teeth, most of them going to Mexico.

The American couple felt that they might take a risk by choosing a country where dental work is relatively cheap. Does cheap mean high quality? According to the story, Romanian dentists provided a high-quality dental work.

More than, that the benefits of doing dental work in Romania were the fact that the English language is spoken in most areas, especially in the large cities, such as Bucharest where the couple went. Moreover, the couple was able to even find a website with a list of dental offices and their prices. So, compared to the US, the dental work would have cost them 1,500 dollars. A crown would cost 350 dollars compared to 1400 dollars in Romania.

The couple decided to go fly to Bucharest. They chose a dental practice, paid only 18 dollars for an X-ray and underwent surgery. The fear for some people going to unknown countries is that perhaps they might put their health in danger. However, the newspaper noted that sterilized equipment was used and the sealed products were opened in front of them. Not only that but the dentist offices had state-of-the-art facilities.

Was it worth it?

After two years, the patients said that their teeth are still in good condition and they saved 18,000 dollars. We believe it was worth it.





source:the inquirer
photo: Bucharestdentaltourism







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