Romanians invent app that notifies you about dangers nearby

A new app created by Romanians will alert users about dangers in their area.

The smartphone application was already launched in October. It is called Stay Safe and it can alert users in real time.

The project was created by five developers in a year. The team has grown to 30 people who are working in programming, security and marketing the app. The app, which cost 150,000 euros to be created is available for iOS and also Android phones.

The app alerts the users by monitoring the area for dangers and sending notification if there is a real danger nearby within three minutes after the event happens. A real danger can be a car accident or a natural disaster and the user is capable of finding periodic news about the event.

At the moment the developers are targeting Europe, US, and Canada and then they will also focus on Australia, Asia, and Africa.




source: romania insider






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