Eduard Novak named president of the Para-cycling International Union

Romania has had quite a timid participation in the Paralympics, usually participating with only a small number of people in the competitions. Nevertheless, we have had one champion- Eduard Carol Novak who has won cycling competitions. Recently, he has also ticket another accomplishment in his life, as he was named in the commission of Para-cycling of the International Cycling Union.

According to this is the first time a Romanian sportsman is named in a leading structure of a cycling international forum. Eduard stated

It is an honor for me and the Romanian cycling. For many years very few people from the Balkans have reached important functions in the UCI, this is why I consider that my naming is proof that we are on a good path. I have accumulated enough experience in this field, and therefore I can come up with constructive solutions. Para-cycling has been transformed into a professional sport in the last few years and there is a need for know-how people in this field. I wish to restructure international cycling, there is a need to redo the competition categories because in this moment some sportsmen have more benefits than others.

Novak’s duties as an FR president and vice president of the Balcanic forum will be to supervise and coordinate the organization of competitions together with Mohammed Ben El Mahi from Maroc, Marianna Davis from the USA, Edilson Alves Rocha from Brazil, Alejandro Garcia from Spain, Roberto Rancilio from Italy and Colin Lynch from Ireland.



photo: zimbio






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