Volunteers to plant 4,000 trees in Timis county this weekend

If you want to end your year in a good way, you can help out planting trees in Timis county. Already 500 volunteers have signed in to plant trees in the area of Sinmihaiu Roman, Timis county.

Not only the volunteers will do a good job by helping mother nature, but they will also receive a special diploma Green Endorsement, which is recognized by 30 companies. Around 4,000 trees will be planted and the volunteers will be given gloves, tools, water, sandwiches, tools for planting. As well, there will be ecological toilets in the area and a first aid center. The activity will take place this weekend, on November 18 and it is supported by the Forests and Water Ministry and Romsilva.

Andreia Schneider, the local coordinator said that this is a completion activity because there was another activity in 2016. The association wanted to organize a plantation activity in Utvin, however, due to raining it is rather hard to access the area.

If you are interested in volunteering, you can check their page, plantamfaptebune.ro

source: romania pozitiva








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