Romanian Cultural Days held in Qatar

The Romanian community in the Gulf area is able to enjoy seven days of cultural events which celebrate the culture. The events have already started this week in Doha, at Katar with an exhibition of paintings and books.

The paintings are focused on the theme of rural life showing children playing, women and men working. The Romanian embassy in Doha noted

In an effort to open up to the culture of the world and extend bridges of communications among peoples, Cultural Village Foundation – Katara in collaboration with the embassy [is organising] the Romanian Cultural Days from November 14 to 20.

The cultural week continued with a jazz and pan flute concert which was performed by Pan Terra Band at the Katara Drama Theatre. Dana Gabriela, the embassy official stated:

Radu Nechifor is a pan flute player, teacher and manufacturer. He began studying music at the age of 12, at Sibiu Music High School, and in 2003 he was the first to enter the department of pan flute study, that was co-ordinated by Gheorghe Zamfir, at the Music National University-Bucharest.He is the winner of many competitions, and in the last years he organised ‘Simply the Best – The Panflute Story’ (2013, 2014, 2015), one of the most complex concerts ever organised in Sibiu. In 2003, 5,000 people enjoyed the show, and in the years to come, the number raised to 12,000. Since 2016, Radu is the head organiser of ‘International Panflute Masterclasses’ that are taking place in Sibiu.

According to Qatar Tribune, Dana Popescu, a Romanian living in Qatar appreciated the cultural events and said

It’s very nice and attractive. You can see Romania in the art form. Also, I am sure music from our part of the world will be appreciated by the people in Qatar. It is indeed very appreciable for Katara Cultural Village to be hosting something like this and we from Romania are glad and thankful.

I hope more and more people come and see the exhibition and musical events.” A lot of people from other nationalities were among the audience too. Doha is a big melting pot and it brings such great cultures, history, and music to the fore for all of us to see, listen and enjoy.

It’s great being here.

source: gulf time






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